I was born and raised in England, and currently living in Israel with my wife and kids.


Since completing my practical engineering degree in Biotechnology with sub-specialties in Cardiac Electrophysiology (EP and Devices), Catheterizations and Ventilation, with "Extreme Excellence" award in 2012, I have worked hard developing myself in the Electrophysiology field, where I have been working full time as the Head Cardiac Electrophysiology Technician, both in-clinics and in-procedures as well as in research.

In my free-time I consult for medical companies in the electrophysiology field.

I've also, invested my time in studying to successfully passing both allied professional IHRBE exams in EP and Devices, as well as the European ECDSAP which I see as an integral part in my commitment to the EP field, allowing me to achieve a well-rounded depth of knowledge to help me, help work, towards advancing the EP field in general, as a Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society (FHRS) and our commitment to the treatment that we give.


I always find time for educating present and future professionals, through my platform, as well as in congresses Worldwide.

If not all that I love scuba diving, music, and football.

David J. Orenstein FHRS, CEPS, CCDS, ECDSAP